Eros At Arms

17. Mai 2024 - 18. Mai 2024 @ Dynamo, Zürich

Freitag: Wolfbrigade | She Past Away | Aluk Todolo | Perchta | Vígljós
Samstag: Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult | Enslaved | Hexvessel | Concrete Winds | Amethyst | ArsGoatia | Sum Of R

ENSLAVED continue to exist as one of the most dependable components in extreme metals indestructible backbone. Possessing the reputation as one of the most riveting live acts in metal, they once again offer us talent of the highest calibre with eight new songs, rightly doing justice to their signature extreme/black/Viking/progressive metal sound.

SHE PAST AWAY, a Turkish dark wave/post-punk duo, comprises Volkan Caner (vocals, guitars) and Doruk Ozturkcan (drums, synths). They blend traditional and contemporary synth elements with guitar, creating a unique sound enhanced by minimalist Turkish lyrics. Their music is known for its epic quality in recordings and live shows.

The band debuted with «Kasvetli Kutlama» in 2009 and gained wider recognition with their 2012 album «Belirdi Gece,» later signed and released on LP by Fabrika Records. This album, including notable tracks like “Rituel” and “Ruh,” was acclaimed as one of the decade’s best by

Their 2015 album «Narin Yalnızlık» solidified their influence in the dark wave scene. In 2018, Metropolis Records reissued their albums in North America. «Disko Anksiyete,» released in 2019, continued their legacy of captivating, dark music.

Marking their tenth anniversary, they released the remix album «X» in 2020, featuring contributions from notable artists, and their first live studio recording, «Part Time Punks Session.» SHE PAST AWAY’s music delves into existential themes with a personal touch.

Wolfbrigade, a dynamic force in the music world, fuses hardcore punk with heavy metal influences. Respected figures in the metal community, such as members from bands like Marduk, Entombed, and Centinex, have expressed their admiration for the group. Notably, their album style has been described by Maniac Attack Records as a combination of «infuriated, angry, and gloomy» atmospheres intertwined with entrancing melodies that linger in the listener’s ears. Drummer Dadde Stark highlights a diverse range of inspirations, from Swedish hardcore bands like Anti Cimex and Asta Kask to the death metal vibes of Entombed and early At the Gates, with a hint of Motörhead’s distinctive grit. Beyond their powerful music, Wolfbrigade’s lyrics resonate deeply. Stark shares that the lyrics serve as an outlet for a spectrum of emotions, often drawing from societal issues like war, poverty, and global injustices, while also introspecting on personal battles and aspirations.

Originating from Dormagen, Germany, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult (DNS) carved a niche in the black metal scene in 1997, founded by trailblazers Onielar (Yvonne Wilczynska) and Ariovist. Comprising Onielar on vocals and guitar, Velnias on guitar, Horrn on drums, and R.K. on bass, DNS stands distinct, with Onielar being a rare female front-woman in this genre. Their music is reminiscent of the old-school, raw, and rapid black metal of the early ’90s, akin to Norway’s second wave. Onielar’s bewitching voice adds a unique touch, enhancing their signature sound. The band’s lyrics, primarily penned by Onielar and Velnias, delve deep into satanism and nihilism, asserting genuine convictions rather than theatrics. Their authentic stance on black metal, shunning mainstream influences and trends, has positioned them as true purists. While some mainstream listeners mock their earnestness, DNS remains undeterred, holding true to the core essence of black metal.

Haunted by primal forest spirits, Mat “Kvohst” McNerney summons the nocturnal ghosts of his past, churned in the cauldron of Black Metal, Ritual Folk Psychedelia and Doom Rock, and echoing with shivering Gothic undertones. From their inception in 2009, Hexvessel, created by Mat McNerney as what he described as “a free spiritual journey and a musical odyssey with no boundaries”, have captivated audiences and listeners with their evolution. Shamanic shapeshifters, Hexvessel resonates with solitary reflection and themes of personal spiritual transcendence, continuing to reinvent and explore nature mysticism through music.

Originating from Grenoble, France, Aluk Todolo emerged in 2004 with the combined talents of Antoine Hadjioannou on drums, Matthieu Canaguier on bass, and Shantidas Riedacker on guitar. The name «Aluk Todolo» traces its roots to the mountainous southern region of Sulawesi in Indonesia. It translates to «the path of the ancestors» or «ancient beliefs,» signifying a pre-Christian animistic cult enduring in that part of the world. Renowned for their riveting live performances, Aluk Todolo has graced stages both in France and internationally. Their concerts showcase a unique lighting touch – a single bulb, synchronized with the guitar’s signal. Their instrumental music is an intriguing blend, encompassing psychedelic rock, krautrock, black metal, noise-rock, and zeuhl, all under the banner they term «occult rock.» The band’s aesthetic, drenched in stark mystique, emphasizes monochromatic visuals. The recurrent use of esoteric and alchemical symbols marks their identity, with the Enochian alphabet’s «A» emblematically adorning all their records.

Emerging from the remnants of Finnish band VORUM, CONCRETE WINDS, comprising PJ and Mikko, stormed the Thrash/Black/Death Metal scene with their 2019 debut, «Primitive Force» via Sepulchral Voice Records. This aggressive noise torment, a stark contrast to the tranquility of their Åland island roots, represents a progression from VORUM’s sound. Forging their distinct path in the Finnish Death Metal landscape, they embrace the expansive reach of virtual platforms. As they anticipate performances across Europe and Scandinavia, their relentless journey holds a promise of continual evolution. CONCRETE WINDS succinctly defines their essence: «Aggressive Noise Torment.»

Amethyst is a Heavy Metal Band from Switzerland.

ArsGoatia is showing vociferous and sinister Black Metal driven by perverted wormlust since 2021 with a confutation of erroneous wayes.

Vígljós (Old Norse for the light which is just bright enough to be able to kill a man) was founded in Basel in 2022. As of Winter 2023, it consists of three members from Germany and Switzerland, wielding guitar, drums and vocals. They recorded their first studio album at Marc Obrist’s (Zeal & Ardor) Hutch Sounds in Oberwil, BL, publishing being planned for Spring 2024. On October 13th, a Friday most black and unholy, they were able to present their music to the public for the first time with a concert at Hirscheneck in Basel. Vígljós are strongly influenced by Norwegian protagonists of Second Wave Black Metal, Darkthrone, Immortal, and Burzum, just to name a few. With these gloomy stars of Black Metal fixed on their horizon, Vígljós interweave the sound of 90’s Black Metal with shades of synth, tremolo picking ,light rock’n roll riffs and beats, all backed by atmospheric mellotron tracks. The audience of their concerts must prepare for an auditive, visual and olfactory experience, surely not to be soon forgotten.

PERCHTA is an Austrian music project founded 2017 in Tirol. Ritualistic sounds with influences from black- and pagan metal are the foundation for atmospherically embedded lyrics presented in dialect, that deal with topics of alpine nature, culture and myths. Rites of times long passed and impressions of craggy mountains are brought to life by folk instruments.

The story of Sum Of R, led by Reto Mäder since 2007, took an unexpected turn in 2020. Initially set for a tour with drummer Jukka Rämänen, known for his work with Finnish psych scene bands, they planned a special Roadburn performance with vocalist Marko Neuman from Dark Buddha Rising. However, the pandemic canceled these plans.

In a twist of fate, Reto, Jukka, and Marko utilized the lockdown to record in Finland, transforming Marko into a permanent member of Sum Of R. Their collaboration resulted in ‘Lahbryce,’ a groundbreaking album mixed by Victor Bullok and set for release on Consouling Sounds.

Sum Of R, now comprising Reto Mäder, Marko Neuman, and Jukka Rämänen, have created their most ambitious work, showcasing their resilience and creativity amidst global upheaval.

FREITAG, 17.05.2024
23:10 – 00:00 | Wolfbrigade
21:40 – 22:40 | She Past Away
20:20 – 21:10 | Aluk Todolo
19:10 – 19:50 | Perchta
18:00 – 18:40 | Vigljos
17:30 | Doors

SAMSTAG, 18.05.2024
23:10 – 00:00 | Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult
21:40 – 22:40 | Enslaved
20:20 – 21:10 | Hexvessel
19:10 – 19:50 | Concrete Winds
18:00 – 18:40 | Amethyst
16:50 – 17:30 | ArsGoatia
15:40 – 16:20 | Sum of R
15:00 | Doors