Yes I’m Very Tired Now

30/05/17 um 20:00
Neubrückstrasse 8
3012 Bern
CHF 11.00

Yes I'm Very Tired Now 2017-05-30

Yes I’m Very Tired Now

YIMVTN transports to a state in which the sharp, angular boundaries of profane reality begin to blur, where dream and reality soar in an affectionate dance above misty fields and the northern lights waft softly overhead. Gently pulsing, well-tempered beats, impressionistic sound surfaces meander with the tides of the melody and an evocative voice tells stories full of hopeful melancholy, bittersweet weltschmerz, and dulcet nostalgia.

Marc Frischknecht – the brains behind all this – creates dreamy, sketch-like tracks that are feather-light in consistency and exudes a captivating, nonchalant aplomb.

Atmospheric electronic, with sudden powerful bursts into dance and dream. YES I’M VERY TIRED NOW is no-frills pop in the best sense of the term (Joiz), with clear, uncluttered songs and one of the Swiss male voices of the moment (SRF Virus). Always imbued with plenty of emotion and a breezy wistfulness. For day-time dreamers and night-time dancers.

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