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“Ilydaen has the merit of being appreciated by amateurs of different style. Excluding all the pejorative side, one could almost describe the music of Ilydaen as easy-listening since it is enjoyed alone like at an aperitif or at a jogging where there are 1000 attenders (true-story). Something like a good David Lynch film (…)”
– Shoot Me Again webzine.

The post-rock band glaston return with brand new music, showing a new side of their unique compositions. After the release of the EP ‘Sailing Stormy Waters’ in 2014, they are finally releasing their debut album ‘Inhale / Exhale’. The piece consists of 10 new songs that were recorded at New Sound Studio with Tommy Vetterli in early 2017. As a purely instrumental band, glaston use their music to address the interaction between reliant contradictions

inhaling and exhaling. No matter how different these forces are, they cannot exist without one another. And that’s exactly what is reflected in the album:
Creative, playful and sometimes complex song structures unleash contrasts between calm and turbulent, rough and smooth. With the Piano being the voice and heart of the songs, Guitar, Bass and Drums constantly play with one another in a battle between hot and cold, dreams and reality.
On ‘Inhale / Exhale‘ glaston is on a journey to find a delicate balance in their music between contrasts and to delve into their love of detail with ever
– unexpected musical confrontations.

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