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Achtung Babies 2018-04-20

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Achtung Babies

Achtung Babies started out in 1993 in Rome. They debut for the first time at Palladium Theater, where they put on the very first U2 Tribute event in the world, that is to say a live concert with a repertorie entirely dedicated to the Irish band.

Achtung Babies keep resulting nice to people, thanks to clamorous promotional actions: in 1997 they rented a jet to fly over the crowd during U2’s concert in Rome with the message “Greetings from Achtung Babies!”, or when in 2001 were chased by the police in Rome for playing in front of the Birman Embassy in support of Aung San Suu Kyi, or when in 2007 stopped the traffic putting on a show in the main street in Bilbao, Spain, or when in 2009 play on the roof of the Collestrada Mall in Perugia.

The existance of a band dedicated exclusively to U2’s music quickly attracted thousands of U2 fans in Italy.

With the news spreading, Achtung Babies began performing constantly in Rome first and around Italy then, under a collaboration with U2’s Official Italian Fans Club(U2Backstage), and then even in cooperation with Universal, U2’s Record Label. In fact precisely Universal involves the band in many important promotional events nationwide, including the presentation of the Italian shows of U2’s Pop Mart Tour, in which occasion Bono personally says hi to the band during an interview on Radio Dee Jay Network.

Achtung Babies is the first U2 tribute to performa abroad their country, with lots of tours in Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, Holand, France, Austria, Grmany, Slovenia, Croatia, Ireland.

Throughout 20 years of history and more than 1600 gigs, Achtung Babies’ idea has inspired dozens of clones in Italy and worldwide, remaining the first U2 Tribute, progenitor of a phenomenon which has become over the years a music genre in its own right.

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